Builder’s Risk

During the course of construction, contractors, whether large or small, have different risks. Therefore, contractors need a professional insurance agent to determine those risks.

A builders risk policy protects builders and contractors from losses to property and financially in the event of an incident. Builders’ risk insurance may cover any structure and/or materials on the insured building site, some materials on site waiting to be installed and those being transported to the building site. Most builder risk insurance will have an agreed upon coverage limit assessed by the projected value, or construction budget, of the project, including but not limited to, building, materials, equipment, and labor costs needed to build the proposed construction.

Options for a Texas builders risk policy include:

  • Policy time frames
  • New Construction, remodeling & rehabs
  • Coverage for framing, cleanup, debris
  • Financial costs due to delays
  • Project sites and trailers
  • And more....

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