Architects and Engineers Liability

Business Insurance Coverage for Architects and Engineers


As an architect or engineer, you create inventive, yet functional work for your clients. A combination of creativity and logic is essential to growing a successful and stable business that can support both you and your employees. With quality business insurance from Gulf Coast Insurance Agency, Inc. and Dragoo Insurance Agency you can help protect your service while continuing to succeed.

As professionals, architects and engineers face potential Liabilities that place you at a considerable financial risk because of the type and quality of services you deliver to your clients.

Architects and Engineers professional Liability provides coverage to indemnify designed professionals against claims alleging negligence of errors or omissions in performance of professional services provided by your firm.

Coverage is on a claims made and reported, duty to defend policy form with flexible limits offered.

Gulf Coast Insurance Agency, Inc. and Dragoo Insurance Agency provide coverage solutions addressing allegations or negligence against your firm in your performance or professional services in decipher such as architects, engineering, surveying and construction management.

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